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Scattante Americano

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Scattante Americano

Scattante Americano by FujiHub RightHub LeftScattante Americano

I noticed that Performance was having another web sale and I was just flipping through the bikes while helping a friend of mine pick one out. I noticed the Scattante Americano. I had seen quite a few single speeds while out riding on the W&OD, and their simplicity had fascinated me a bit. Most road bikers end up spending lots of time shifting back and forth between one of 30 gears. This bike dispensed with that notion. Geared at 44/16, it was similar to my middle ring, 3rd gear up. Not a horrible ratio. Since there was a sale, and a 10% off coupon and then my 10% back in points, I pulled the trigger. I did a few searches online, and there wasn’t a whole lot of information about this bike except for this single thread

After pulling the trigger my main concerns were:

  • Weight
  • Build Quality
  • Actually getting it, apparently stock was spotty

When the shipping confirmation was sent, I nearly cancelled the order right then and there. Listed shipping weight was 32.2 lbs…. EEK. Usually shippers slightly under-estimate weight. Thankfully, this was not the case here. Once it arrived (3 days from Chapel Hill to my local store) I was relieved. Once out of the box and on the scale, it was 21 lbs without the pedals and reflectors. It comes with the bars, stem, front wheel, front brake, seat, reflectors and chain stay unmounted. I also found the rear brakes poorly adjusted from the factory. Overall assembly was cake. Today I took it out for the first real ride. I rode 35 miles with a leisurely 16mph average.

The bike rides great, its a bit more stiff than my R-650 and doesn’t feel quite as agile but its great for the price. I had a blast not being able to change gears. I can’t count the number of times I tried to shift. Something that I do almost instinctively, I can get by without doing. The fit and finish are great, the matte paint is a nice touch. The saddle however is pretty crummy as well as the OEM tires. I ended up not even using them as they were 700×28, a little wider than my taste. They also have a steel bead making them heavy. Two things of interest, the rear hub is double sided and the assembly checklist is Fuji, wonder if that is the maker!?! Anyway, its a fantastic bike for a fantastic price.