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Felt F5 buildup – Finished

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

So I finished the Felt F5 buildup, I hurried and didn’t snap pix along the way, anyway, its done, here is the damage:

Dura Ace BB 34.34
FC-R700 Cranks 119.95
FSA IS2 Headset 29.99
Ritchey Pro Peloton 59.49
Neuvation R28 299
DuraAce Bits 508.90
(shifters, brakes, cables, and deraulleurs)
BBB FiberRoad 31.25
Ultegra 12-27 59.40
KMC Chain 27.99
Bar Tape 4.99
Cables 16
Fizik Aireone 60
Michelin Pro 2 52
Tubes 9
Grand Total 2062.29

Felt F5 buildup, part 1

Monday, September 15th, 2008

After having my Scattante R-650 for a year, have started to get bored of it. Its a great bike, does everything well and is pretty comfortable. However after a year of riding, I wanted something new, so I picked up a 2008 Felt F5 Frame off ebay. While the frameset came with a headset, it was a junker, so I went looking for something else. Apparently there are 50 different headset standard these days, so finding something that worked was almost maddening. So IS-2 headsets are supposed to be tool free installations. Except that you need a tool to press the crown race on. The tool needed is pretty pricey but 10 feet of SCD40 PVC pipe in 1/1/4 diameter is not. I threw the crown race into some very boiling water. Fearing regular grease might compromise the carbon, I used crisco as lube. I used a 4 foot section of the pipe and put the forks in upside down. Two whacks of the pipe on the ground and it was on. I couldn’t believe how easily it went on, I was expecting a fight.

Crown race installed on felt fork

Crown race installed on felt fork

So now the frame and forks and bars are installed. Next step is the shifters and cables. Shimano has some nice docs online, I’ll be using those for reference.

starting to look like a bike...

starting to look like a bike...

For those curious, the size 58 frame weighs in at 1320g and the fork at a porky 470g.  I hope its stiff for all it weighs.