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New Machine – Blue Screen Fun

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008
Tiger Direct Biostar Combo

Tiger Direct Biostar Combo

I recently picked up a Biostar MCP6P M2+ motherboard with an Athlon X2 4600+ to replace an aging Dell Dimension 2400 desktop I have been using as my main machine.  I snagged a combo at Tigerdirect that included everything I needed to build a new PC for about $110 after coupon shenanigans and NO REBATES!  In fact the deal was so good, I decided to get another one for a family member.  Good thing too.  Not wanting to deal with the hassle of re-installing windows or even doing a repair, I found a guide that showed a few tricks to remove PCI, USB and Video drivers, enabling me to move my copy of windows over.

The first move went great.  A few clicks and a copy of the drive and the machine was up and working.  No blue screen, no anything.  I was amazed.  The second pc, my personal one did not go so well.  BSOD on first boot.  It would boot into safe mode, but not regular mode.  I was perplexed.  I went back and tried to make sure I removed all drivers from the previous image and tried again.  Same thing.  The windows error wasn’t exactly great. “Stop 0x0000007E”  Thanks Microsoft!!!

A search on google yeilded a gem.  I tried all the suggestions, even the MS kb entries, then, losing hope, I saw post 41 then went back to 40.  It turns out that intelppm.sys was causing the problem.  This was sheer luck, but whatever, I was happy to find the answer.  Once I knew which driver was causing the problem, I could search for a reason to satisfy my curiosity and to make sure I wasn’t going to run into other problems.

I found Dan White’s Blog Entry on the 0x0000007E error .  After reading it, it all made sense.  My XP install was originally on a Dell board with an Intel P4 cpu and now I had an AMD.  The other PC that was upgraded was originally an Athlon 800.  I’m amazed I was able to find the answer, I was set to start removing one driver at a time, out of 250ish.  Yeah, I’m that hard headed.