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Jake the Snake Buildup, part 1

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

I had a real hard time finding a cyclocross frame I was happy with.  There are very few currently available framesets that have carbon forks, aluminum tubing and rack mounts.  The choices were down to the Kona Jake the Snake for $399 or the Motobecane Fantom Cross for just under $300.  It was an easy choice, $100 more for a name brand bike, and with better looking paint/graphics.  Finding one was hard.  It seems that Kona only made one batch of framsets and local dealers could not get anymore.  I tried to work with a local shop but they could not get one.  I ended up ordering from .  They were very easy to work with and I’d have no issue using them again.

I’m going to be moving most of my parts from my Scattante R-650 over to the Jake.  The only new bits are :

  • New wheels – the Korso’s on the 650 will not be up for offroading
  • New Bars – I’m going with 44 for more leverage
  • New Seat and Post – the ones on the 650 clash bad with green
  • New Ultegra bottom bracket – the old MegaExo is toast

In the pictures above, I’ve put on the Kenda Kwik Roller Holidays – 700×38 to  check for clearance.

Yet another new one…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

So how do all of these bike purchases start?  I think I’m finally starting to see a connection. I buy things because I don’t have time to enjoy them as much as I want.  Its certainly true for other hobbies of mine, so I guess it applies to bikes.

How did I end up with a ridig 29er when I’ve been all about full suspension? My first mountain bike was an 1990 (I think) Specialized Rock Hopper Comp.  Suspension, even front, at the time was a dream.  I had so much fun with that bike.  I beat it into the ground and it always came back for more.  When the price of full suspension bikes dropped, I ended up getting rid of the rockhopper and going with a full suspension Trek 9100.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago and an itch to look around the performance website. Poking around, the GT Peace Multi looks interesting.  Rigid, decent components (all shimano and easton stuff) and the price is good.   $599.  A coupon drops it another 10%.  Team Points, another 10%.  How tempting.  I read a few reviews and everyone seems to like the bike.  So I ordered.

The bike arrived at my performance in less than a week.  I have to say I am very impressed at the quality of the parts and the frame.  GT does a very nice job of not putting junk parts on their bikes.  Even the hubs and cranks are Shimano, quite rare these days, especially at this price point.

Too much snow so the first real ride will have to wait.