Dell = Fraud – Cancels orders for no reason


Add another one to the list, Dell, I will not purchase anything from you EVER again.  Four orders canceled this year.

  • You list an item as being in stock
  • You take my order and send me acknowledgement email
  • 24 hours later you send me email that my order is canceled.
  • This email lists no reason for cancelation
  • This email lists a phone number that does not work – it loops back to the original menu
  • When I do contact sales they claim my order reference id is not a valid number
  • You ask for a phone number and “can’t find my account”
  • You can’t tell me how to find my customer number
  • You can’t tell me anything whatsoever

I have purchased several computers, accessories, cameras, etc from you in the past 10 years, now for some reason you can’t seem to sell me something.  I’m not ordering using some magic coupon.  I’m going in the front door, looking for an item number and then ordering, no coupon, no funny business. The cards used have plenty of funding and the billing and ship to addresses match.

What you are doing is fraudulent, infuriating and just plain out crap.  I’m done with you, I hope you burn. At least I’m decent enough to give you a reason.

Next step, I’m sending a complaint to the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection. Complaint  ####1208 submitted via FTC Consumer Sentinel

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