They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack…….

Doritos Toro Habanero

Finally, I was able to find Doritos Fiery Habanero chips.  Another post to my original complaint prompted me to do another google search.  It looks like they have been re-born.  A new name and a new look.  Labled as Sabritas Toro Habanero, rest assured, its the same chip.  It appears they are targeted to the Hispanic market, apparently nobody else can handle the heat <cough>.  Anyway, you can find them online at .  Same taste, same amount of heat.  I bought 8 bags to start….

Update 2:

Looks like they are back at regular stores now, I saw some at a Harris Teeter yesterday (1/1/10).  Looks like several other places are carrying them too as some comments to my other post had indicated.

Update 3:

Looks like they are gone again as quick as they came, Frito Lay, why do you taunt us with these?????

Update 4:

Now Mexgrocer has them again, yes the real ones.  They have awesome service and ship fast so you can get your fix soon.  Its just too much hassle to find these in stores now.  If you google, you can find a coupon for mexgrocer.  Shipping is reasonable.

5 Responses to “They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack…….”

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  2. erika says:

    I found they are being sold at big lots jejeje

  3. Katie says:

    These aren’t actually the same chips, the flavor isn’t nearly as good.

    BUT!!! I just found some in Kroger, so I think they’re back in the classic form. They taste just like they used to and I am in chip heaven. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      I’ve found them in a couple of gas stations….but only 99 cent bags. They’re not in my Kroger 🙁

      I’ve been eating Doritos since I got my first teeth….and these are the BEST they’ve ever come out with.

  4. Gumee1 says:

    Doritos Fiery Habanero are back as of July 2010 for a limited time only. Check the FritoLay website for where to buy and stock up. Also check out the Doritos Fiery Habanero facebook website.

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