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What makes a great digital camera???

Thursday, April 16th, 2009


If you believe the advertisements, magazines and online forums you should consider:

  • Megapixel Rating
  • Brand
  • Battery Format (AA vs Proprietary)
  • Memory Format
  • Zoom factor

The real problem is, when comparison shopping, that is what most people use to compare.

Wow, this camera has 4 more megapixel than that one….. and it costs less!!!

The above items actually have very little to do with what makes a digital camera great.

First and foremost, size matters.  If you don’t have your camera with you, how are you going to take that picture?  This can’t be stressed enough.  People buy cameras and then leave them at home.  Second, batteries do matter.  AA batteries are great because they are everywhere.  But they also don’t have nearly as much power to recharge your flash, and have a high rate of self discharge (ie while sitting in your drawer).  That means you miss the picture on both counts.  If the camera is dead… no pictures.  If you are waiting for the flash… you miss the picture.  Last but not least, lag makes for a bad camera.  If you miss the moment, its gone forever.

What really makes a camera great?  Its simple.  Great pictures.  If you don’t regularly get great pictures out of your camera, it sucks.  Plain and simple.  I’m not saying a camera will make an artist of of you, but your shots should come out clear, crisp and properly exposed.  For good pictures you need a good lens, a good metering and focusing system, low noise at reasonable ISO levels and a good strong flash for indoor photography.

So how do you find a good camera?  Look at lots of pictures online.  The review sites have some good pictures to compare “lab” type pictures, but sites like flickr let you look at pictures taken by average users.  When you think you found something you like, buy from a place that allows returns.  Costco is one of the few places that gives you 90 days to play.  You need to know if the camera works for you.  Then take lots of picutures.